Photo credit: The Penticton Herald

Albert Weaver and Doreen Yurkin
Monroe Ranch
Monroe Ranch is located in Meadow Valley, just outside of Summerland. The ranch was originally built and farmed by the Monroe family, before being purchased about seven years ago by Albert Weaver. Albert has been a farmer his whole life, previously owning a cranberry farm in the Lower Mainland. He was soon joined by Doreen, who also has a farming background and years of horticultural experience.
Today, Monroe Ranch is an active ranch with beef cows, horses, Saskatoon berries, and hay crops that are used for the ranch's own animals, as well as being sold locally. The orchard-grown Saskatoon berries were planted in 2009, and Albert and Doreen expect to get 1,000 pounds per acre this year. Over the next few years, the crop will continue to expand, hopefully growing up to 10,000 pounds per acre. Ultimately, Albert and Doreen would like to be able to produce a large enough crop to go commercial. Just last year, the ranch opened up a U-Pick orchard to the public, and their beautiful Saskatoon berry crop continues to attract a variety of visitors from both the local community and beyond.

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